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From the beginning to the end of your project, Burton Repair’s Anchorage-based home handyman will work with you to ensure your expectations are met every time. In addition to top quality services and materials, we can provide you with expert consultative advice and competitive rates. Here is what a few of our happy customers in Anchorage have to say about our home handyman services:
"Great guys to have in your corner. We remodeled this summer; I did part of the work myself and Robert and Gene were there for me when I needed them. I appreciated their expertise, efficiency, reasonable rates and most of all their friendly, helpful manner. Robert would even call me up when he saw something he knew I was looking for. They had great ideas and always gave me options. I felt like they were always looking out for my best interest."
"I want to impress how grateful I was for the professionalism and capabilities that Robert and his men displayed while on the job for me. Robert observed that this or that was not working properly while he was doing one of the other jobs we had discussed and offered to take care of them while he was working on something nearby. This company made the sale of my house go smoothly. I received a full price offer! It seems to be getting rarer all the time to have the opportunity to interact with people of quality which I appreciated greatly."
"Burton Repair did a fine job of repairing and improving the energy efficiency of our water heater. Robert and his crew were competent in all aspects of the project. He listened to our thoughts and concerns, asked perceptive questions, had worked with similar situations, and he provided a fresh approach that made the project simpler and less costly. We recommend him highly and would utilize his service again without a second thought."
-Tom and Victoria   
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Q: Do I need to call a plumber if my bathroom sink doesn't drain?

A: You won't need a home handyman for this problem. You can actually handle this repair on your own. The most likely problem is that the stopper is clogged up with hair, soap buildup and other debris and caught on the lever that lifts the stopper up and down. The lever will need to be unsnapped or unscrewed from the drain pipe under the sink.

Q: What can I do if the water pressure in my sink is not as strong as it use to be?

A: You can improve your water pressure by removing the strainer and taking it apart and either cleaning or replacing it with a new strainer. Be sure to take the old strainer to a home repair supply store to make sure you purchase the right size.

Q: Can I use liquid drain cleaners to unclog my sink or toilet?

A: Liquid drain cleaners aren't recommended because these products don't work as well as taking the pipe apart or snaking it to unclog or remove the blockage. Liquid drain cleaners can actually damage your pipes and require a complete replacement.

Q: What can be done if my water pipes freeze?

A: If you know where they are frozen, you can use a hair dryer or an electric heater to thaw the pipes. Also, you can open the cabinets under the sink in order to circulate warm air to the pipes. If you are still experiencing problems, call our plumbing experts at Burton Repair in Anchorage. We will be happy to assist you!
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